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How often is 50mg of Demoral taken for severe back pain?

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mpvt 12 Aug 2009

I used to be prescribed 150mgs every 3-4 hours. Demerol is very quick acting but has a very short half life. So if you're having a 3-5 day attack then you would need to take it every 3 to 4 hours... Good luck..Dave

behenna 14 Aug 2009

Thanx mpvt whay are you thoughts on taking Methodone rather than Demerol?

Robert_325 12 Aug 2009

My rheumatologist prescribed demerol for my RA pain over a very short time. I was getting 400mg per day and honestly thought it was worthless. Demerol works so much better in an IV than orally in my limited experience taking it.

behenna 14 Aug 2009

So Robert, whay are you taking now for pain?

Robert_325 14 Aug 2009

I have been off RX opiates for years. I use NSAIDs and some other meds that address my illnesses. I was always trying to get rid of the pain when sometimes there are things we can do that help without narcotics.

Don't misunderstand me, I am still in pain daily. But more opiates would mean certain death for me, it's just no longer an option after using 35 years.

behenna 15 Aug 2009

Hi Robert you speak as if you had some hard choices in your life. My friend Bill W. tells me to live some pain is going to have to be tolerated. Thanx for your comment free discount card

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