I have severe COPD and emphysema and have many medicine allergies, both otc and prescribed. I have been diagnosed twice in the past 6 yrs. with cancer , once with lung cancer. Removal of a section of the bad lung resulted in being negative to cancer. I had extended exposure to mold and mildew in a home and past smoking years earlier in my life , as well as being asthmatic all my life. I have been plaqued with bronchitis and pneumonia for years. I got a flu and pneumonia vaccine this yr. for the 1st time. I have been given this med for use as needed . Recently, I was in ICU and stopped breathing several times en-route to ER and after, as lungs became exacerbated and enflamed and I could get no oxygen. The cause for this is unknown as it happened out of the blue , as I felt tired and drained due to extreme stress in my life. I was released from hospital and told I was terminally ill and had to take extreme caution in the future as to anything I inhaled or was exposed to daily. My lungs were extremely deteriorated and my daily meds were just buying me time. Being stung by a wasp, I took one of these pills to be sure to avoid an allergic reaction to stings. I noticed it did seem to ease my breathing. I am not on oxygen , as of yet. I use Advair 250 disc, Spiriva and Singulair 10 mg. and Combivent daily. Is it possible that this med can help if taken regularly on a daily basis? I know it cannot turn back the clock on my disease, but can it help? I am not exposed to many factors now that could aggravate this situation. I avoid anything with a strong smell or scent and all smokers have to be away from my space and wash hands thoroughly after and use a fabric softener sheet to remove any odors in the clothes. I am now on SSI , as I am 54 and a female. I am on Medicaid and do not know what meds are covered and if the Dr. tells me I need to begin daily Oxygen use, who ,if any company will accept. I was told this was soon to be a part of my daily lifestyle and I need to prepare myself as well as get vaccines to ward off flu and pneumonia. I wear masks when I clean or go out. I am trying to get the H1N1 asap. So its important I know if this med can actually help me with the other meds I am on. I do not have diabetes or high blood pressure or other health issues other than I am supposed to be on Propanynol for heart . I do not take it, it labored my breaths. I have a family history of both cancer in all females, some deceased at just past my age. As well as heart disease in both parents. So, I feel any med that eases my breathing is a gift.. Thanks for any reaponse.