I have had several surgeries,discs fused in neck,low back,double knee surgery,open heart surgery,lung surgery and several broken bones. About 1988 i had the fused discs in my neck and back(work related injury).The surgeries did not stop the pain. My original Dr. that did the surgery died so i had to find another comp Dr. I have been with him for many years. He prescribed 45 wygesic per month,and he wrote out 6 months prescription at a time.They did nothing to help the pain but he wouldn't prescribe me any more per month.Because of insurance and medicare i hadto get a primary Dr. My first primary Dr.left the area and I had to get another primary Dr.He would prescribe a few darvocet per month.He got busted 3 times for drug abuse.So I had to get another primary Dr.The one I have yet( at least 15 years).During this time is when I had lung and open heart surgery,plus broken bones. My primary Dr started to prescribe 60 vicoden a month,I kept getting the 45 wygesic at the same time.About 2 1/2 years ago my primar Dr started to give me 120 vicodin per month and I had to sign a paper saying I wouldn't get pain pills from another Dr.I the saw my back Dr. about a year later and He asked me if I wanted refills on the wygesic and I said no.However in a year I received 90 wygesic pills from my back Dr. while getting the 120 vicodin from my primary Dr. Neither Dr knew I was getting these prescriptions like this.My back Dr knew I had a primary Dr. but I don't think my primary Dr knew I had a back Dr. evaen though I ahd mentioned him.I think I had to put that on the form when I applied for the primary Dr,can't remember.I had turned down oxycodin from my primary Dr because they were to strong for me.I also told my primary Dr. that I was having bad thoughts about so many vicodin,but he said that was between me and God. He kept prescribing the vicodin and it was up to me not to get them. He is trying to save me from having a heart attack by getting the pain down,and it works.The worst part is I used different pharmacies because I didn 't think they needed to know my buisness.I am addicted to the vicodin and quitting on my own anf asking GOD for help. Kind of a dilema,stay in severe pain and have a chance of a heart attack or take the vicodin and be addicted and be low on pain.There is a lot more .But don't want to bother with long wind.I have not gotten any more wygesic for about 6 months and not going to get any more.