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How much Tramadol can be taken safely?

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pfcpremosgirl 15 Jun 2010

Only the amount prescribed to you. I am prescribed 2-50mg tabs three times a day. Over that I would be at a very high risk of having a seizure. I had one a couple of years ago, which is the only one I've ever had, and my neurologist says it was just a random occurence. They are very scary to come to from. That is your biggest risk from taking too many.

Rajive Goel 16 Jun 2010

The dose of tramadol you are prescribed will depend on factors such as your age, how you respond to tramadol, and other medical conditions you may have. Generally, a healthcare provider will start you on a low dosage, such as 25 mg once daily in the morning. Your dosage may be increased slowly as needed, up to a maximum dosage of tramadol 400 mg total per day.

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