I've been a psychiatric patient for over 15 years with the diagnosis of Schizophrenia. My body eventually rejects any and all psychotropic medicine that is prescibed. My psychotropic history began with Prolixin. One solid month without sleep led me to attempt suicide. I was then introduced to A-typical antipsychotics. The first was Zyprexa, witch caused severe wieght gain. Then Risperdol witch led to confusion and impulsivity. After 10 years of Seroquel at 300 mg. nightly I simply had enough of tolerating the sedation and Extreme appetite. I once again was then prescirbed traditional antipsychotics. Stelazine caused insomnia. I experienced horrible EPS with haldol, insomnia and lockjaw. I have been on everything including Latuda and Saphrys with similar ,if not, more intense side effects. 12 doses of ECT. Every SSRI in the PDR. I really don't know what to do.