So I induced day one with 2mg.. the next day with no other opiates in my system I took 3mg.. was able to sleep, but I really think this was only because I hadn't slept at all the night before, because the following day.. day 3.. I actually took 4mg and didn't sleep at all again.. yes I know.. a fail I think because Id obviously only intended to go down... but I was on my way to meet up with one of the parents that has a child in school with my child and I was starting to feel sick and panicked that the half of the two mg pill wouldn't be enough to put me into a comfortable enough space to talk with her about a communication problem that we had . Ugh.. either way.. today is day 4.. I have taken 2mg so far.. this morning around nine. How much and when should I drop my dose.. I know that 25% of four would be by one.. but should I drop from the four.. or the three I had been at the previous day?? If i drop from the 3 whats the percentage.. forgive me.. my math is horrible.. There also is the fact that I have about 20 2mg pills left in total and since a visit to this sub doctor costs a big old 150 dollars I don't have... I'd like to reach my goal of all clean with my remaining meds. I've already resigned myself to no sleep so as long as a drop from three wont leave me with to much discomfort id be willing to try it. I think the suggestions i've seen are to go by 25% every four?? days... i belive thats right.. to anyone thats accomplished this succesfully... feedback please!?