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How much potent dilaudid tabs than morphine?

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Inactive 21 Aug 2010

I've been on 100mg M.S Continx2 a day & swithed to 8 8mg Dilaudid per day & I find the Dilaudid works longer & is more consistant,howevever others feel differantly,I guess to each there own. Hope this is helpfull.

morphine savy 16 Sep 2010

Morphine is not more potent than dilaudid, it has a different effect on the nervous system. With morphine you get the initial feeling of relaxation, then the pain relief sets in and last for up to 4 hours, no matter what the docs say. Dilaudid acts the same way only it takes a few more minutes to take effect and you don't get that feeling of relaxation. They are pretty much the same medicine unless you shoot them. The morphine then becomes quite a bit more potent, depending on the milligrams, remember it's an opiate, and we all have heard of the opium houses in the East. Also, FYI, if it is shot in the vain, as opposed to eating it, it is 10 times harder to break the habit when you are shooting morphine, than when shooting Dilaudid. I hope this has helped to answer your question. free discount card

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