I was put on 10mg and only took it for about 5 weeks bfore i began to taper. Doc told me to half the pill for 1 week then take half every other day for 1 week then stop. IDIOT doc. I halved the pill and was bought to my knees after 5 days of halfing the tab. I stopped taking the pill cause i could not urinate properly and had alot of trouble breathing normally. Anyway i got head stabbing pains on the left side, dizzyness but not to bad, felt weak and lathargic had joltz and shaking felt nauseous because of such extreme shortness of breath. Its not like a noremal shortness of breath its like my brain doesnt knoww how to make my body breathe properly anymore and chills and goosebumps in my body. The list goes on for a while of the symptoms i have and have had. I then cut down to 2.5mg after being on 5mg for 2 weeks and stayed on the 2.5 till i felt better which was about 1 month. But as soon as i felt good for about 2 days i cut down again to 1.25 for 1 month and then took 1.25mg everyother day for 3 weeks and then i stopped. Well thats when i copped the real withdrawals. All of the above symptoms but worse. It has now been 6 weeks and the thing thats most annoying is that these withdrawals hit real hard with the shakes, head aches, chills, blurred vision, major breathing problems and it dies down over 4 to 5 days then i feel not too bad for a few days and think im on the mend then it all comes back with a vengence and im sick again. This has been happening for 6 weeks. Does this ever stop. Does it get better. I dont have flu symptoms anymore and the breathing is a little tiny bit better so i know my body is healing but just so slow. Please tell me how long its taken other withdrawalees with this nightmare. Xx