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How much is adderdil 20 mg 30 in bottle?

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colinzimmermann 10 Jan 2012


It's Impossible to give you a straight answer to that one. The prices vary greatly by pharmacy and state, plus insurance co-pays and medicare/medicaid eligibility also play a big part.

Here in Missouri, the average cost of a "brand-name" 20mg Adderall XR spansule (Shire Pharmaceuticals) varies between 5-7.50 dollars without insurance. The generic Teva Pharmaceuticals equivalent is virtually unavailable and must be special ordered, taking 5 weeks or more to fill. The short supply of Teva generics makes them nearly as expensive as their brand-name counterparts, saving you maybe a buck a pill if lucky.

Sadly, you won't find Adderall, or any other Schedule II, on the Wal-Mart 4$ plan and probably never will, nor do pharmaceutical manufacturers offer payment assistance on scheduled meds, except for certain schedule IV's when they are first introduced.

Sorry the answer is so vague... did the best I could with the info I had.

Colin M. Zimmermann
Bourbon, MO free discount card

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