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How much does symbyax cost?

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blaze22 5 Mar 2011

It depends on several factor's... Is there insurance? Is there a generic that would work for you? Is this a fairly new drug, and if so, most usually doctor's offices do carry samples in their office for a while, certain time period... you have the $4 dollar program at Wal-Mart and other pharmacies that participate insuring people can afford drugs such as these as well as other class of drugs and so on... My first guess would be anywhere from 17 to 30 something a month for the name brand but that is just a guess... call pharmacy to vfy info... lil groupie'''''blaze22

LaurieShay 5 Mar 2011

Hey fernandon,

Symbyax won't be available generic until March 2017, so until it is you will be spending alot more for this drug. It is manufactured by Eli Lilly and you may be able to get assistance in obtaining this medication from Lilly by calling:


You can also get coupons to help with the cost of Symbyax by going to:​coupon

Unfortunately, I have never purchased Symbyax so I can't tell you the cost but my hunch is that it will cost several hundred dollars for a month supply without insurance.

Hope this helps,


noniejane57 25 Apr 2011

Symbyax cost 373.00 for 30 tablets! This is the cheapest price we have been able to find in South Georgia. We recently had a family member prescribed Symbyax and she has a 5000.00 deductible including prescription cost. If you find it any cheaper, please post. I have been unable to find any coupons for this med.

slslinde 26 Oct 2011

I was told by my Doctor that symbyax is suppose to go generic sometime next month?
Why cant we ask our drs. prescribe fluoxetine and olanzapine they are both generic! And they do the same thing, and cheaper! free discount card

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