I used to drink alot of booze and pop hydros at the same time (would drink like 12-20 beers and pop around 15-20 hydrocodones sometimes. I hear this can cause serious liver damage as alcohol and acetaminophen are a bad combo). I have read a few things that said liver damage can take place instantly from only drinking a minimal amt of alcohol and taking tylenol or painkillers containing tylenol. Are there symptoms? I mentioned this to Robert about getting a liver test done and I will eventually do this, but I have Panic Disorder and it scares me to death even thinking about it even though I have been sober for a long time now. Does anyone out there have a damaged liver from drinking and popping pills? How did u know and what did u do or what do the doctors do and are there medications that help or are there any "true" herbal remedies that work?

I take Milk Thistle but it has not been proven by the FDA to actually help a damaged liver or aid in liver function although studies indicate that it can help. The liver has a remarkable ability to repair itself but to what extent? I used to get pain down there when I drank and popped pills, so I am concerned that I damaged my liver. I am sober now and do not get any pain there, but have not had liver tests done. Any advice or is there anyone out there fighting a damaged liver and with what to help it heal besides not drinking and drugging? Thanks