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How much acetominophen is in one 5/325 Oxycodone/APAP tablet?

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mpvt 14 Nov 2009


bailey51 29 Jun 2010

325 mg. It is stated on the pill. When you see the 5/325, it means 5 mg. oxycodone, 325 acetominophen. If you see a pill with markings 10/325, then it means 10 mg. oxycodone, 325 mg. acetominophen. Same with 5/500, or 10/500. That means 500 mg's of acetominophen are included. (This is the same with Hydrocodone.) You always should be careful when taking any pain medication with large doses of acetominophen. I've spoke with my Dr's and my pharmicist, as well as the web, and the maximum dose we should ever take of acetominphen is 4,000 mg's in a 24 hr period. Why? Because it is metabilized by the liver. At large doses, it can damage our liver, so always be aware of OTC's that include acetominophen or Tylenol. Like Tylenol PM, or Dayquil, Nyquil, and 100's of other OTC's.

Onesunnyday 28 Apr 2017

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dolordemazeta 27 Dec 2010

you have not told me how is it that I can buy a 90 tablet jar of percocet 5/325..

eaphrodite1 7 Jan 2017

325 mg

Jackwau57 8 Jan 2017

The 5 is the amount of oxycodone and the 325 is the amount of acetaminophen, so the answer is there is 325mgs of acetaminophen in the tablet of oxycodone/acetaminophen 5/325.

Onesunnyday 28 Apr 2017

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