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How many xanax .05 mg can a person take before there is a problem?

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Inactive 12 May 2010

Im assuming you mean .5mgs. What exactly do you mean by 'problem'? If you have a tolerance you might be able to take like 6mg with no problem, but if you dont have the tolerance for it you could take 2mg and black out. You need to be more specific with your question

karbet 12 May 2010

More specific how many mg can you take before you are impaired? One is not enough to calm me two I get tired. is there another kind that would calm me?

Inactive 12 May 2010

Ah, i see. Well unfortunately xanax does make some people drowsy. The ammount it would take for you to be 'impaired', like i said, would depend on your tolerance to the drug. Maybe try taking one and a half tabs?

As far as alternatives go, yes, there are quite a few other options. Ive found that klonopin (another benzo) does a better job (for me) at calming me without making me tired. Its less of a 'fade' and more of an antianxiety feel. You would need to talk to your doc about that though since its a narcotic and you need a script to get it free discount card

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