I have been taking percocet (5/325) since having spinal surgery in early May. I took the prescribed dose as directed for the first few weeks following surgery and now I am down to one tablet per day. Sometimes I take two if necessary. Sometimes I have gone a day without it at all but I have backup meds that my pain/mgmt doctor prescribed. The most I have gone is one day without percocet and I start to feel real sick. Is it possible that I have a physical addiction already? I'm really freaked out about it. Should I do the Thomson detox that I've read about so much here? I still have a list of other meds I take (klonopin and ambien which I have been taking daily for 3 years) plus, like I said earlier, a bunch of other meds for pain (tramadol, zanaflex and relafen). I don't like any of the latter three. They don't seem to do much of anything for me. Thanks for any advice.