What was your dosing process... How long have you been taking it? What dose are you currently taking? At what dose and time did you begin to notice a real change in your pain? Have you had to steadily increase your dose and if so, about how long between increases. For those with more severe Fibromyalgia, how have the pressure points of your pain (back, neck, arms, thighs) been affected? For those of you that have found some relief in neurontin, do you take this drug in combination with traditional pain narcotics or do you take the neurontin alone? What side effects have you associated with the neurontin? How likely are you to recommend it to another?

My wife has severe fibromyalgia and has not been able to find anything other than narcotic pain prescriptions to help her. She is in so much pain that sometimes you can't even run your finger across her back or arms or neck. Along with the constant aches throughout her entire body she has certain "pressure points" that if I touch the wrong way, will send agonizing pain throughout her entire body. She has tried every possible drug so far but nothing has worked. She tried neurontin a while ago when it was first rumored to work but had no relief. I now wonder if she gave up on it too soon or possibly did not have a high enough dose. She currently takes methadone for the pain which I wish she could find a way to get off of. It is the only thing that will last her throughout the day and night without wearing off. I know how bad methadone can be and I have heard all the stories about it being practically synthetic heroin but I don't know what else she can do. I would rather see her take methadone once a day than have to take painkillers every 3-4 hours, every single day, 365 days a year. Anyways I am just trying to find out about some of your experiences and whether or not she should try neurontin again for a longer period. It seems to be a miracle drug for some! Any thoughts on the neurontin issue, or anything else I've mentioned (including alternative methods of treatment), would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch, JOHN