I applied for disability four times for severe back, neck, and problems walking. I went back to work which was so painfull until 2002. By then I had so many more medical conditions I went from dr. to dr. My ss annual report said I was eligble for 610.00 month. Well it took me 2 years to get diagnosed. I have fibro, back, neck that is to bad to operate on, a bone disease called madelung's bone deformity( this disease is so debilitating I can use my hands, arms sparinly. It is also in my feet and legs. Now I also have a myositis which in turn the dr's say maybe 6 months before I will never walk again.The list of my ailments gets longer every couple months. Contacted 3 lawyers and they all say the same thing. I am married and my husband has income coming in so I am not elligable for any type of disability. He is disabled and has dementia. Well lawyers say if I get a divorce I could collect 300 month. Ya like I can go without my medical. These law or rules are a joke.Well now ss says I need another 30+ credits, I had 30 so I am really out of luck!! I paid in for many years but I'll never see a dime, because I won't live long enough to .I take very few pain pills as I'm allergic to just about everything, even Vitimins, I'm never out of pain and I go to pain mangement. They can't manage my pain because any pain med that could get me out of pain I am allergic to them.