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How many Norcos would I have to take to feel the same effect of one 10mg Methadone?

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jk13 8 Sep 2010

Methadone is a weird drug, and acts very different than any other Opioid. The conversions are difficult due to its long long and strange half life. Everyone reacts differently to this medication due to tolerance, if it's IV, Oral, or tablets, and how long it's been taken. Methadone taken for a couple days effectiveness is very different than if it's taken for a month, as it's also very different if taken for a couple years. Different charts will show different conversions, cause there's no clear cut way to convert. When Methadone is first started, most will say that it's twice as effective as Methadone, however, with time, it can be up to 10 or 20 times stronger, depending on the person. Ultimately, the only person who could give you a true conversion would be a doctor who specializes and understands the mechanics of Methadone. Let me know what the doctor says, as I'm curious. I hope that this is helpful!
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