Ive been going to my family physian for around 17 yrs. I havesevere pain in my back and my legs go numb. Ive had mri and alot of other test on my back. I have herniated dics. Bulging disc. A pinched nerve in my groeans kripling arthritis deginerative bone loss,im next month be 61 yrs. Old. Ive been on hydrocodone for about 7 or 8 yrs. I was sent to a sergion 3 yrs. Ago the surgeon told me it would be magor surgery if I had it done so he told me to talk to my family doctor to see if he thougt I could go thru surgery. I did and he said no. So the medicne has not been helping alot,4 a day so iwent back to my family doctor told him I was taking more than 4 a day, that they arent helping as good as they did,told him I was taking them around every 3 to 4 hrs. Apart. He really was mad, he would not prescribe any more until they would be due in about 8 days,but sends me back to the surgeon so I told the surgeon why he sent me back to him, the surgeon said thats only normal that I would take more. So hes gona write my doctor and I go back this month for a nother mri. Just want to no how many loratabs can a doctor prescribe for pain, I no my pain has worsend. But ive never took any thing except loatab. I need some help. I no the pain killers are adictive but when you hurt so bad you will take it to get some relief. Thank you