... prescribed each of these and i had a car accident recently. As soon as the police found my meds in my purse they assumed i overdosed and gave me some horrible stuff up each nostril that is for an overdose. I also was given a dui for driving under the influence of my prescriptions. I have never been arressted in my
life, had an accident, or even a ticket. I am a 38 year old mother of four girls ranging in thr age from 19(she is in college)to 19 months. i submitted to the blood and urine test without any problems to the officer but to be totally honest i did take a little more than prescribed at 9am the car accident happened at 1 pm and they took my blood about 3. they sent the bloodwork to the state to have it analyzed and im wodering if by that time the levels could have decreased. By the way, i blacked out at the wheel. no other cars were involved. I hit a tree and i also recently found out i may have cancer. I also have suffered from seizures in the past . I would appreciate if somebody can help with my questions thank you
happened at about