I have been on perscription 5mg-10mg percet every 3 hours from a major surgery 3 1/2yrs along with xanx for 11yrs due to major panic attacks. For months now I have been trying to get myself off the percet I will not go on metadone cause I heard It is also a hard drug to get off of.
The other day I spoke with a doctor whom said I should try subs. So I waited about 7 hours ( he never gave me a time frame to wait ) I only took 4mg tablet I was more high then ever in my life. So right away I put my subs. away and started back on 10mg 3x's a day. I want to know how long should I wait to start taking the sub. and believe this time i should take 2mg and not a xanax durning the sub. taking? I am very smart at times just not when it comes to SUBS, never seen them and i do know people who take 16mg subs along with 30mg percs. not a great role model i already know that and never to mix them together. I really need to know what is the shortest period of time i can start my SUBS? I want to be done with the percet for good. Also when I woke up the next day I had NO craving for percets, my script came in and I didn't even care so I waited it out for 2 days with out any problem. I believe if i get the right answer to the lengh of time I should wait, I will be off percet for good?