I have a long history of taking various meds - usually SSRI's. My normal pattern is they work great for some periois of time- weeks or months. Then one day they just stop working - nothing. Sometimes upping the dosage works for a while, but it always happens again. I've tried Lexapro, Celexa, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Nortriptyline, Mirtazapine, Risperidone, and a few others I can't think of now. It's always the same. Previously I had just been seeing GP's but now I'm seeing a psych. He's trying me back on Celexa (since he knows it worked before), but at a higher dose than my GP prescribed (60 instead of 40mg/day). I've been on if for a month now and I haven't felt a thing. Have you heard of this type of this before? I know there are a lot of other meds out there to try, but it's so frustrating to repeat this pattern over and over. My psych also has me on Adderall ()up to 30mg/day if needed), and 2mg of Clonazepam. I also take Oxycodone for chronic lower back pain. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm so frustrated I feel like there's something wrong with me - I just don't get why the meds don't work. I know this recent stint with Celexa has only been 4 weeks, so maybe I need to be more patient. But it was always months with all the other meds - success, sudden failure, up the dosage, temporary success, sudden failure, repeat until give up and try something else. If anyone has any advice please help. I'm so tired of this never-ending cycle. There must be something out there that can work for me. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions back.