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How many chances to get infected from hiv in a gay person? why?

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Inactive 28 May 2010

This is a question with lots of opinion's.
HIV is passed by any contact with the blood or body internal fluids other then counting spit from a person who has HIV. Any place on your body or in your body that has a scrap or small cut or tear can be a opening for HIV. You can only get it by transferring fluids into a small cut, or scrap. This could be something so small you don't even know it's there. The safest thing is no sex, or the next thing is, always wear rubber protection.

Ava Marie 13 Jun 2010

The Gay community has a tendency to be very promiscuous (several sex partners without protection). Of course not all Gay people are that way, but a large marjority are; especially the younger generation (hormones on the rise). Even heterosexuals are promiscuous. The first case of HIV in a Gay person started in the early 1980's from a Gay airline stuart who acquired the disease from Africa. The virus came from the blood of a Green monkey. People there eat monkeys or certain species. This is how the virus transfered to Humans. He then traveled to Canada, and California. Once this individual discovered they had the disease he deliberatly infected others with it and soon it spread like wildfire throughout the Gay community, essentually because no one knew of it or even heard of it. The Gay community is very small compared to the heterosexual community, so it should be understandable that this disease would consume the Gay population. People had the disease and did not know it. It only takes one time, and unfortunately some of these people may have had sex only one time or the first time ever. The older Gay generation are more health conscious & safer than the younger generation in that this virus became an epidemic when they were young in the 1980's. So they also tend to be more settled in a one-partner relationship instead of going out there & having sex with everything on 2 legs.
While there is still no cure for this disease it is now treatable and people are living longer, some up into their 80's. But, whether you are Gay or not does not mean only Gays get the disease. There are bisexuals out there too. So, today it is not necessarily a Gay disease anymore. Drug addicts get it from using infected needles, doctors & nurses have been infected with it (by accident), blood transfusion and so on. So, whether you are Gay or not you should protect yourself and your partner and use a condom, etc. It is the responsible thing to do. Hope this helps with your question. free discount card

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