This friend of mine has chronic back pain from years of rough physical labor and cannot afford the surgery that will/might help with the pain. He has agreed to let me do the research first before trying anything that may hurt or possibly kill him, which took a LOT of work on my part. Here is his situation... ; he has been taking the pink 3600 v pills (10/500mg hydrocodones) for a few years now, and has steadily built a tollerance to them, and is now having to take up to 9 at a time just to take the edge off the pain... Well he has heard that taking them rectally is more effective, although he thinks he will be able to put all 9 in and be safe, my question is, knowing that isnt safe for ANYONE,even with that much tollerance, how many would he be able to take rectally to equil the 9 (90mg hydrocodone) so as to not have to orally take so many and risk killing himself or having his liver shut down on him? Would 2 rectally be just as effective as 9 orally or would he still be coming up short because of his tollerance? Thank you to anyone who is willing to help out, and I hope this is taken serioudly, I know the answer would most likelybe, zero is yhe safest amount, but this guy is so tired of having to take the pills all together that any amount less than what he has to take now would be helpfull because he is actually thinking about giving in and just doing it without waiting for and answer.