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How long would take for 3mgs of xanax to be out of my urine?

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midwestma 22 Jun 2010

May I ask why you're concerned about Xanax being out of your system/urine? If you're on a substance abuse program, I suggest you get some more help for your problem. If I am wrong in my assumptions, I apologize. however if the abuse part is true, please get some help. Continuing to abuse drugs is not the answer. This forum is for folks who need help with medical problems and medications related to those problems. Please get some help OK.. Bless You and good luck.

christineATU 22 Jun 2010

losinit... is there a hidden meaning behind the name? 3mg of zannies is a bit much. Why risk "losinit" over a cheap high? Is it safe to assume you aren't prescribed these meds? If you are, why worry about them being out of your system? If you're looking at a drug screen, there is a forum called "drug test" maybe you should post your question there. I assumed way too much and I hope I'm wrong. But if this is a long time habit, benzo's are harder then opiates to kick. It could even be deadly if you stop cold turkey as it could bring on seizures. Good luck to you and I hope you are safe.

hardfi 2 Jul 2010

It should take 3 to 4 days but possibly 7. it would definately not take longer than 7 free discount card

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