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How long would a person need to stop taking clonazepam to not effect a drug test by blood or pee?

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christineATU 22 Jan 2011

Depending on the source of information, it could take up to one week before it's not detectable in a UA. However, blood tests are more accurate and I'm not sure if it's detectable after one week or not. There's several factors that may play a key role in whether or not it's still in the system. Chronic or occasional use, metabolism, body fat, level of activity, etc. No one can say with ANY certainty how long BDP's stay detectable in any individuals system.

caringsonbj 22 Jan 2011

blood tests show longer than your Urine tests I cannot tell you for sure just inform the doctor that you are on this and then he will not be surprised I want God's very best for you free discount card

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