I've been on and off prescription opiates for over a year and a half now for various pain related conditions and injuries because I've had a chronic pain condition and I upped it a little bit more recently over the past summer, but I quit my sport and decided I don't need the consistent pain relief anymore, so I figured I would stop taking the opiates. So I took 5mg Vicodins for the first year and then 5mg Percocets for 3 months then 10 mg Percocets (usually only one at night, so just like the one time every day, and on really bad days I'd take one during the day as well and all of these were prescription) for the last 3 months or so. I have been trying to stop taking them cold turkey and I'm getting horrible symptoms and I feel like I'm dying... I have zero energy, I have diarrhea, an upset stomach, no appetite, achy muscles to the point that I can barely get myself out of bed, and I'm depressed as hell. I did not think it would be this bad because I took everything as prescribed and I was not on particularly high dosages but the withdrawals are kicking my ass... how long will this last? That is the question I really really really want answered is how long is this going to persist and when will I feel better! Please help me!!!