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How long will thirty mg morphine stay in your system or show up on a urine drug screen?

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StephanieAlice 20 Aug 2010

No offense, but it kind of bothers me that people are using this site to get information to get high. Anyway, it depends on a couple things. Is it the only opiate you took recently? If it is the ONLY thing you have taken, expect it to last 3 - 10 days. The more you take, the more often you take it, the longer it stays in your system.

KmfCjf 21 Aug 2010

No its not 2 get high..but people i kno take methadone and i have 2..but i have severe back pain 2..but my questionwas more how long willl it take to feel the morphine b4 u stop takin methadone. b.c. i waited 2 days and it didn't do anything

RockyBalboo 11 Sep 2017

Dont judge people,that really sickens me. You dont know what theyre goin thru

sweetanpetite1 23 Jan 2018

ty rocky balboo,all of us does not abuse our meds,but maybe u do stephaniealice,i am 53 i have lupas aritihis fibermy,scoleis an other problems where i have worked so hard in my life,so shut your mouth because only god can judge,ppl like you make me sick,think before you speak... free discount card

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