I had been taking Lexapro for 2 years, 40 mg. My doctor recently stopped practicing. My PCP took over my prescription but indicated that that was a high dosage. I was also taking Lunesta 10mg at night. My PCP said that he thought that I was addicted to the Lunesta, which might have been true. I was unable to sleep at all without it. I was quite disturbed about the idea of being addicted to anything, so I quit everything C/T three weeks ago. I thought I was going to die. I had no idea I would have gone through the these withdraws. The withdraws were immediate and severe. I was very ill, I was hyperventating with severe panic attacks. Although my doctor, did not recommend I stop c/t, when I told him I did, he gave me a presciption for zanex for the w/d. I will not fill it. I was supprised he didn't recommend I go back on Lexapo and taper it off.

Nevertheless, I am three weeks of lexapro and I have good days and bad. How long will these w/d systoms last?

I am ask you (site) as I have gotten more information here than anywhere.