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How long will it before we notice a difference in behavior? (e.g. from bad behavior to better?

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itsmetoo2 26 Mar 2010

Has this person been put on a drug?

maker035 17 Apr 2010

Tina, I think it depends on what behavior you are referring to and whether or not a Rx has been prescribed. I have 2 young boys being treated for ADHD. They have been on meds for just over 1 year now, the first 2-3 days were H.E.L.L.! But after that, there was an almost 180 degree turn around. Impulsiveness stopped, anger was no longer an issue, they were able to pay attention to instruction and follow direction. One of their teachers commented that she had never seen such a dramatic difference in a child. She could very easily tell when he had not taken his medicine (I have ADD and sometimes lose track of my task-at-hand and would forget to give it to them before school).
My sons' doctor started them on Vyvanse and that is the only med they have taken. After one year, one of the twins is starting to develop tics which is a concern to us, so we will be talking to his dr about possibly changing his med, while the other continues to react well. So, in a nutshell, based on my experience, I would say that you should expect to see a difference within a week. free discount card

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