I have been on hydrocodone and percocet for 6 years. I have a script from my DR., but of course, began taking more. Such as 25-30 per day. I have 3 left, so tapering is out of the question. I have to do this cold turkey. I did this once with subs, and it was horrible. I heard tabs were bad to, but did not last as long. Could you advise me on what to expect, and some ways to make it thru the physical withdrwawals. I have 3 kids, and will start a new job in 2 weeks. I have to get thru this. I am a single mom of three boys as well, so I have to be active. I know it will be hard, but please tell me some ways to ease the pain of the symptoms. Robert had a method with vitamins, and other things to help, but I forgot the name of it. You took a multiviatamin, potassium. magnesium, melatonin, vit. B-12, something for nerves. etc. Please let me know what will help and how long this will last since I must do this cold turkey. Thanks you all!