I had no problem with Lamictal until generic came out and I reacted with rash, needed to switch to main brand. Months later I broke out in rash again, turned out not related to Lamictal but had to stop asap while ruling Lamictal out as cause. Now I am having withdrawals after stopping it for 1 week and can only start up on lamictal using starter kit which I had to order. I feel awful. Disconnected, anxious, unsteady. Are these symptoms from withdrawal or is this what I can expect without being on the drug anymore? I was on 200mg per day and took with prozac. I still have rash but no diagnosis except perhaps bug bite reaction. It is really hard to stop this drug after being on it for so long and it helped so much. I feel like I'm losing it and at the same time afraid of going back on it. Has anyone had same withdrawals? Any suggestions?