I jumped off sub on Sept 11, 2011 after 6 yrs on sub. My original DOC was Lortab 7.5/500 after a surgical procedure.(2 year addiction to lortab of 30 pill a day habit toward the end) Right now,my muscles feel like they are tightly twisted rubber bands, I have depression, and EXTREME fatigue as well as RLS! I had oral surgery last week and guess what the dentist gave me? 12ct lortab 7.5/500 which I have taken as precribed for the pain..I have 2 left. It takes a bit of the edge off but I want to be FREE from all opiates! The reason I used the lortab was 2 fold. I had serious pain from oral surgery AND I thought it would wean me further off opiates being lortab is weaker and has less of a halflife. I also have 33 1/2 2mg subs left but don't really want to go back there... sometimes it feels like I'd rather be dead than feel this way! I would never act on it but that's how I feel. So..I am asking for advise and to hear anyone's past experience. If you think I should use the remaining subs to taper further but I knwo the sub is out of my system by now. WWYD???
Thanks for listening
ps I am a marathon runner and since off sub I can't get further than 10 miles!!!