first i want to say thanks you for all of you who are wiling to help honest people who dont really understand all of ths ..much question is how long does it take to get kolodopins out of your system for a am on oxycotin and norcos and took a few kolodpins to help with the beak thru pain and no sleeping not something i would normaly do but i do have rsd and crps... the guilt alone is killing me and i dont want my doctor to not trust me i need there help to survice day to day ..i guess i need to know how long does it stay in my urnie when she drug test me on the 3rdh of 10-3-2001 how soon should i take my last one to succure ua test... thanks for the non judgement and god bless you all in pain who suffer for those who take adance of the the system make it hard for us .i need to know when i would have to stop takning the koldpin to test safest your saving my family life and i have learnd my leson no more ever,thanks for all the honest answers my borther and sisers i will alwys hellp 100 percent in your posst to make up for it ... and i will never take anything ever again im a 34 yrd old caner survivor and just wanna stay as compoter as possible... hold or heasd up i will say a pray for you all
;) a friend in need and never fforgotn