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How long wil a uti last? Im n alot of pain so wat can I take 2 aleviate the pain w/ goin 2 er?

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Robinlynnnn 29 Oct 2011

Drink plenty of Cranberry juice and plenty of water. There is an otc med called uristat that may relieve some of the pain/uncomfortablness. I really don't think it will go away without treatment from a doc. Though and will get more and more uncomfortable. The doc will prob give u a med called Bactrim,and let me tell u,it makes a huge difference from the 1st dose,,u will feel relief within the 1st 4hrs. I used to get them all the time due to a hormone imbalance,they r no fun at all. I hope u find relief soon hun. Happy Halloween!

beachbabydoll 29 Oct 2011

Thanx 4 ur response! I've ben on septra ds goin on my 3rd day and also a steriod.I took a bath @ my sis's while I was there. I neva take bath and when I do boom this hapns. I'm stil n pain and don't no how long these r suppose 2 last. I'm worried.

Robinlynnnn 29 Oct 2011

Im sure it wont go away until u either see a dr. or go to the ER,,once u get a script u,should start feeling better after 1st dose.

ElizaJane23 30 Oct 2011

Yes, you need to see a doctor or go to urgent care. If left untreated it could spread to be a kidney infection. These things can hurt really bad and cause very bad infections - best to get it treated by a professional.

mik934 30 Oct 2011

Great answer! Hpoe your feeling better my friend! Mickey from chicago..

Coby416 1 Nov 2011

I hope by now you have had it checked. i doubt it you had an UTI it went away with out an anibiotic. Besides, I thought I had a UTI or something like it and it was a kidney stone. Please have it checked I hope you have.

Anonymous 29 Oct 2011

Hi beachbabydoll,
Try Azo Standard !! It works great for UTI pain. As does cranberry juice as, oh hells bells, I've forgotten her name, sorry!!
Also, Azo stains ones urine a bright orange colour, oh lovely!! So, please be careful with your lingerie!! Wear a panti-liner, and do scrub your loo often. It can actually stain the porcelain of your potty!!
Azo can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy or supermarket.
Do let us know how you are doing? And ask for Zofran because Bactrim can make one ever so nauseated!!
I just went through a uti/kidney infection/kidney stones, and I know of what I speak. Mobic can have less nausea associated with it, yet still ask for Zofran? You won't be sorry!!
Best wishes, free discount card

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