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How long should you discontiue suboxone before taking hydrocodone?

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Robert_325 27 Jun 2009

It depends on the suboxone dose and the amount of time you've been taking it. Every case is different.

XrxHead86 9 Aug 2010

True. But you really couldn't have said it better: Every Case Is Different!

XrxHead86 9 Aug 2010

You won't really feel the effects of the hydrocodone for at least 1 - 2 weeks... and I'm really, really trying to be positive. I can only pray that it wouldn't be longer than that, however your current dosage of suboxone will play a key factor for Suboxone is known to have a HALF-LIFE of 36 hours... unfortunately my friend, there's only ONE quick[er] way to get it out of your system: Smoke cigarettes. My doctor has told me countless times that nicotine helps break up the active ingredients of the suboxone within the body, therefore making it not last quite as long. Good Luck!

sandy jones 18 Jan 2011

i would really like to know how long it would take for one suboxone to
leave my body in a day, i am not a usual taker and was just trying it out.
i am prescribed pain pills and really need them to work so please answer me, thank you so much. star free discount card

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