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How long should one be prescribed Faslodex?

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11 Oct 2010

I could only find information about how frequently it was to be given ... couldn't find any information about how long this was to be for. You may need to clarify this with the oncologist. I assume the length of treatment may vary depending on different protocols, or conditions.

Suzy1972 16 May 2011

I have been on Faslodex for 6 years. I'm not sure if I was taking 250mg once a month or the 500 mg once amonth. I took it every 28 days.
Now I'm taking 500mg as of Jan 2011 once a month One in each hip. .However, now I think the Faslodex may be failing me because I've recently discovered from a cat/scan that I have 3 lymph nodes that now have to be biopsied.
I might have been in the trial and not taking enough. I may have to go to a pill
of Evista now a different estrogen blocker.

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