I have been on Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Tramadol, Diazepam, Baclofen now for a little over a year. Last year around this time I fell and broke tail bone. With that came three bulging discs in my lower back, left hip flexer problems, and my SI joint (sacroiliac) in my pelvis won't stay in place. All of these is issues have been going on since Janruary of 2011. I have been going to pt since March with two different specialists, had many cortozone shots, and SI joint injections. In April all of these problems should be fixed because I am having my SI joint in my pelvis fused together. I am still able to tell when the narcotics are in my system and when they are not. When they are not in my system I get sever headaches, I feel a bit hostile and people can tell that and ask me if something is "wrong". However, when I do take them I am the complete opposite. The days that I work I don't take anything except at night to take the edge off so I can get some sleep. The days that I don't work I feel like I am playing the catch-up game on my pain management. On those days I take the medicine closer together. It's perscribed for every 6 hours and I end up taking in every 4.5-5 hours so I can stay pain free for most of the day. Any advise or direction as to where i need to go with this? I don't want to stop taking the pain medicine due to the amount of pain I am in but at the same time I don't know if the pain medicine is causing my mood changes. If someone could help shed some light as to what narcotics can do to personalities and mood changes that would be great.