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How long is this detectable in the system? It has been showing on a urine test for 2 weeks?

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Anonymous 19 Nov 2010

The name of the medication is not listed in ur post. hit comment to ae the name. I am guessing the med maybe a benzo, pot, methadone or suboxone, all can show positive for several weeks after use. They embed and store in fat cells, this is why it can take weeks b4 u are clear.

no hook 19 Nov 2010

Sorry. Vallium, 5 MG.

Anonymous 19 Nov 2010

Yes, that is in the benzo family, it can test positive for up to 6 weeks after last use.

no hook 19 Nov 2010

Thank you, now, if anyone knows, where I can find something that states that. All I have found are items that state 2 to 4 days and you are totally clear. Very frustrating. Thank You

no hook 22 Nov 2010

Thank You for the replies. Now that I know more about how long this shows in a urine test, would a blood test be different provided there has been no use for more than two weeks? Thanks.

Alafterhours 3 days ago


Anonymous 20 Nov 2010


Patti is right the period of detection in urine can be up to 6 weeks.

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