I've been on 6mg Emsam for 9 mo. Didn't work (except to give me gambling & smoking cravings). I'm stopping (doc knows). Not sure how to taper it. Had bad antidepressant withdrawals in past (Effexor). I'm inclined to cut the patch in half then 1/4 over a week, but don't know if that's too quick. I cut the 9 mgs to 6 when I couldn't tolerate the higher dose.

Want to taper quick. The only taper info in the doc's drug info was to taper as quick as possible. I said "I'll just stop!" Doc said, "no! do this healthy." Sometimes my way is too impulsive...

I had great hopes for this med, but it wasn't great. I think it causes other problems that I'm unaware of directly (moody, irritable, impulsive, etc.). I'll probably call the manufacturer to ask, too. The drug insert doesn't even have a section on stopping (as if it's not an option).

Looking for others experience w/stopping Emsam. Am also curious if it made you feel like gambling (if you care to comment on that - I think it needs a warning label).