Hi. I'm a 35 yr old mom of 3 small children who got addicted to a legal, narcotic-like herbal substance and abused it for about 18 months. I ended up blowing around $10,000 in 18 months on this crap. My question is this: After I came clean to my husband last Sunday, I went to my MD on w/d day #3, and he put me on Tramadol 50mg, 2 pills 4 x a day. I have weined down, and today is my LAST day and I only have 1 pill for today. I AM STILL IN PAIN! My back is sooo achy, and my legs still ache a little too... it's mainly back pain. Is this normal? It's been 11 days since I got of the MAJOR meds... I thought w/d pain went away much sooner! Do you think it would be something else that's causing this pain? I don't want to stay on the Tramadol any longer than necessary, but tylenol/ibuprofin and aleve arent' taking the pain away. Emotionally and phychologically, I am FINE... just this lingering pain thing. I can't properly do my job as a mom of 3 with a husband that travels 2-3 days per week with this chronic, nagging back pain. It's not HORRIBLE, but enough that I want it to go away, because it's effecting my mood and personality. PLEASE HELP. Is this normal withdrawal? Would you call the dr back? I don't want him to think I'm drug seeking again! I'm NOT... just want to feel good physically again, or at least better than I am now! THANKS!!!
BTW... I purposely am NOT telling the name of the drug for fear that it could give some abusers another drug to try.