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HOw long does Vicoden stay in your body system?

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duckworthy 4 Nov 2009

Dear Worrymom -

I just responded to your more recent question of the same nature ("How long does Vicodin stay in your urine?"). I'll copy and paste the essentials of that response here, for your reference:

"Vicodin is the brand-name for a chemical called hydrocodone bitartrate, a synthetic opiod narcotic very similar to naturally-occuring codeine (found in medications like Tylenol #4s or #3s, etc.). Hydrocodone has what is called a half-life (the amount of time it takes for a chemical to become one-half its original potency in the system) of around 4 hours, + or -. Due to the somewhat complex manner in which the body processes this drug, there hasn't been an exact time period established after which hydrocodone is completely eliminated in the urine, but 24 hours should be a safe bet, like most other narcotic pain killers."


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