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How long does the discharge last after you are done taking metronidazole?

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Inactive 6 Dec 2011

Dear Nycole, Welcome to the site. Metro is such a strong antibiotic it is possible that you got a subsequent yeast infection that is causing a yeast discharge. That has to be treated with an anti fungal, like the oral rx pill, fluconazole aka diflucan or an over the counter treatment like Monistat, which is an intravaginal cream. That often happens after treatment with metro because it is so strong. Call your dr for the rx or use the over the counter treatment. If it stll has a strong smell, you may have been re-exposed, it is NOT recommended to have intimate relations while treating with metro. If they didn't treat your partner, he needs to be treated too. If a second round of metro is rx'ed, have them give you the diflucan automatically to treat the subsequent yeast or prevent it. Patti free discount card

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