... methadone for acute pain from old injury, and now my fibromyalgia has gone really wild and out of control. It was so bad, I just lay on the couch thinking I will probably die because even lifting my arm to change the tv channel hurt-the only time I forced myself to move was when I had to feed my pets or let them out. I ate whatever I could that didn't require any effort, like salami, cheese, frozen anything-mostly a lot of sugary foods. I would go to the store very rarely and with my neighbor so he could help me load up on supplies. I was just miserable.

So, methadone helped somewhat, I only took a low dose. Then I got on savella with the meth and it was much better. So... my doc and I discussed finally coming off opiates and trying the savella alone without opiates after several months, that was our goal. He explained I would have to take the subutex for awhile. So I went on subutex and to tell you the truth I felt great. No pain to really speak of and my blood pressure was normal after many many years. Well, after being off work for a year due to my inability to move, I was let go. My first day back to work, I was not allowed in my office and I was given walking papers. I lost my med benefits and could not afford the subutex which I had taken for about 5 weeks 2x's a day. It was like 5 dollars a pill. So... my doc and I discussed that until I got another med coverage (no one will take me because of my fibromyalgia),through new employment which offered group benefits, I will go off sub and go back on opiate which is very cheap. I skipped methadone and opted for codeine 4, and I am feeling terrible pain. I am wondering how long sub stays in your system and blocks the opiates? I took the sub the last month of my recovery period before I went back to work and was fired. I quit taking the sub for a couple of days and began the Tylenol w codeine #4 and I have been taking the Tylenol for a week and a half with no relief. The only relief I feel is when I take my savella morning and night but just for a short while and not complete relief by any means. Still lots of pain though and my legs feel so weak, is that a side effect of being on opiates for years? I forced myself to take my dogs for a walk (we are all out of shape due to my inactive period) as we all need to build up some stamina.
I have read some posts and I read that it can take up to 30 days to get out of my system, so maybe I would be better with some Motrin? I would appreciate any guidance for this matter