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How long does subutex stay in your system?

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Robert_325 22 Jul 2009

Depends on what you're talking about. Is it for a drug test? Are you talking about working against opiates? I have no idea how you want that question answered.

suzy76 23 Jul 2009

yes it is for a urine test. I wanted to know u know how normally the health dept has an approximater for the life long of all drugs in ya body. I know there r heaps of variables as well like metabolism, weight etc, but just was curious how long roughly it stays in your system. thanks for your reply .

itsmetoo2 22 Jul 2009

Sounds like to me you want to get better and not get better. First you need to make that decision. Getting it out of your system depends on how much you are taking, your height, your weight, your BMI also is taken into the math. Plain and simple talk to your doctor, he/she can help you.
I know this is not the answer you wanted but I am trying to be as honest as possible.

suzy76 23 Jul 2009

no, its not for me, i have the naltrexone implant, it is my partner, and it is for a urine test. He took suby intravenously and need to know how long it stays in your system. thanks for ya reply though free discount card

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