I had no idea of the w/d of Suboxone, now I am starting to read all these horror stories of symptoms. I was on a combination of RX and non-RX hydrocodone for almost four years. I could not take the w/d symptoms, so I went to a doctor and started Suboxone treatment. They started me out on 4-8mg tablets per day. That was four years ago! Not to mention, I have been paying a monthly office fee of $400.00 for this long.
I'm not going to lie to you, since I started the treatment, I have completely pulled my life back together. I started back to college, after being out of school for more than 14 years. I am supposed to graduate in May 2012, near the top of my class, with a 4-yr degree in Physics, with plans of heading straight to graduate school to pursue a PhD in either Astrophysics or Nuclear Physics, I may pursue both. I also have three children. So, as you can imagine, I have a very hectic daily routine, between upcoming finals and the kids. I have been the above typical sucess story... well, up until now.
I can not afford to keep going to see my doctor, and I knew I wouldn't be on this drug indefinitely. I know the office fee IS a lot cheaper than paying for pills on the street, believe me, however, when I blow off the rent or electric bill, or even use funds from the Christmas money, I feel like this IS ADDICTIVE/DEALER behavior. If I come up with the money, I get my meds, if I do not, then I will have to do without. I really feel like my doctors office is just a legal drug dealer, (but with no credit).
In the past few months I had tapered my dose to 1/4 per day (now films). I cannot afford to go see them again, I have to choose between my kids having a Christmas, and going into withdrawls. I also can not afford to be in the bed for a month either. I really dread this, and I DID NOT have any prior knowledge of withdrawls. When I talked to my doctor at the last visit, they said, "Oh sure, we will give you meds to help with w/d, Motrin, Phenergan, and clondine (for bloodpressure), but some people don't have symptoms, and they only last for 4 or 5 days" After reading all these horrow stories, now I'm thinking "WTF??? Apparently they do NOT know JACK about this" I have been reading about the Thomas recipe, and about half of the reviews are good, and the other half say no effect.
I don't have time to stop, If I do then I will flunk out of college, and lose the life that I have managed to pull out of the ruin. My kids depend on me 100% for everything domestic and financial. Will someone please share their Thomas Recipe experience, or another method that will help me get through this, without having to completely stop life? (btw- my worst w/d symptoms, the ones that I cannot deal with, are RLS, weak-cramping legs, and insomnia, the rest I dont mind)
I am terrified... for me and for my kids