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how long does suboxone stay in your system?

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Robert_325 5 Aug 2009

Depends if you're talking about being detected in a UA or blood test, how long it affects us or works medicinally, or what you're asking about. Need a more specific question. What specifically are you trying to find out? Tell me and I can answer your question but it's difficult to post answers for all possible questions in advance. Let us know. God bless. : )

kribob 5 Aug 2009

i'm taking suboxne... have been for the last two years my doctor just lowered me from 4mg to 3mg a day ... when i took my urin test he say it came back with NO suboxone in my system?? i told him that it was wrong i take it like clock work everyday... thats why i was so superised when he said that... thats why i was asking how long it stays in you.. because i havent stoped taking it ... so i dont understand why it came back neg??? he told me if my other test came back neg he was going to stop treating me ... i need this to keep living it would be a same to come all this way then just to have to go backwards again!!!

please help


Robert_325 5 Aug 2009

Bob ... I completely understand. I'm assuming you requested that the dr send the sample to be tested again or else do another test? They made a mistake here that could have bad and unfair consequences for you. :(

There is NO reason why reducing your dose from 4mg to 3mg should affect the test results. There is a toxicity level the drs can check for specific drugs and the amount in your system but it obviously was a mistake by the people doing the testing.

kribob 5 Aug 2009

Thank you!!! and i will let you know how i make out tomorrow!!

again thank you


kribob 7 Aug 2009

i just want to let you know everything came back fine... he told me all my levels were just fine... i told him i think who ever is doing the testing should test twice if the first one comes up neg.! he said that he would suggest it to the company..i dont think he will ..he want me to come twice a week for a urin test..maybe if one comes back neg and the other one if fine he will see that its the teck doing the test and not me... anyway thank you for all your support with this it help to talk to someone about it... i really like this site..i'll keep you up dated on my status... i really cant wait till i dont have to take these anymore!!!

thank you,

Robert_325 7 Aug 2009

If you want help getting off the subs check out the sub threads on the forum. Lots of people using and tapering off subs on the forum.

Livelovelaugh88 31 May 2010

Ok I have a DT 2-moro for my probation officer and I am currently taking suboxone, Im freaking out it's going to show up in my system. I only take less than a quarter a day and thats with the 8mgs. Do you think it will show up in my DT or what? If so what will it show up as opiod or what? Thanks :) free discount card

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