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how long does roxicodone stay in your system?

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Robert_325 13 Aug 2009

Depends on the amount, the frequency of the dose, your metabolism, all kinds of things. How much have you taken and how often?

J3ssicacabr3ra 25 Aug 2017

If I take a Roxicodone everyday and I am 200 lb male age 57 how long will it be in my system

SAGE68 13 Sep 2010

It normally takes about 72 hours to leave your system unless you take it daily then it would probly take another 24 to 48 hours to completely leave your system. Hope this helps you out. Sage

dunbeenthere 20 Nov 2010

U are right it does take 72 hrs to get out of your system,but its took me three yrs to even try to get off my meds.But im better and my experience wit the florida plain clinics to here at home clinics has made me a stronger person,that i can maybe try to let others know, take your meds the right if u have to take them and dont sell them and life is better when u get a good doctor,that ain't in the game.Thanks to good family,and real friends.

arcanoidcyst16 29 Mar 2011

3 days for me but sometimes it is good to wait about a week just to be sure.Good Luck!!

JeffreyMaurer 22 Dec 2011

Hi love, everybody's different,opiates are water soluable so they typically pass through your system in 48 to 72 hours,but there are a lot of variables like the amount your taking, how long you have been taking them and how fast you matabolize things. I have tested clean in 24 but that is rare. Hope this helps.

Cata 10 Dec 2016


Cata 10 Dec 2016


strawhatsan 31 Mar 2017

drink a lot of water and go sit in a steam room for as long as you can. it'll be out of your system within 24 hours free discount card

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