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How long does propoxyphene stay in your system and can it be detected in drug tests?

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christineATU 3 Jan 2011

Darvon, darvocet, is a schedule IIII controlled substance with some potential for abuse. Yes it will show in a UA. Normally it can be detected for up to 4 days after last dose. It could be longer depending on several factors.

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oxyaaron 3 Jan 2011

You are correct, i just wanted to add that it was pulled off the shelves and that you can no longer get it in the US.

christineATU 3 Jan 2011

That's true. Many people are using up the last of their scripts. Have you heard of any replacement yet??

star1 6 Jan 2011

Well my doctor had prescribed them 2 me 4 my leg cramps n restless leg syndrome i didnt know they r a narcotic and i am on pain managment and the last time i took 1 was 4days b4 i had 2 take a urine test 4 my pain managment i hope nothing happens where they kick me off the pain managment i do have a legal script 4 them but its from a different doctor b4 i got signed up 4 pain managment what r ur thoughts on my situation can they kick me off of it if i have a legal script? free discount card

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