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How long does oxycontin stay in your body when taking a urine test?

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Anonymous 2 May 2010

2 weeks if you been taking it longer then about a month.

colinzimmermann 3 May 2010

There is no clear answer to this question with the information given. Need to know what type of UA is being administered (Standard NIDA5 tests won't detect Oxycodone since it doesn't metabolize into morphine) and the frequency of Oxycodone usage prior to the test, there are also physiological/metabolic factors that vary from person to person. Give a little more information and I can be more specific. Use 2-4 days from the last usage as an approximation.

Mscott1211 14 May 2010

Hey Colin, I was wondering if you could elaborate for me if I'm more specfic. I had been clean of oxycontin for more than 3 weeks, and at that time was using probably 40 mg every other day for about a month. Today I did another 40mgs. I'm 5'11" 160 pounds. I'm wondering how long it would take for that to be flushed out of my system? I have a probationary urine analysis on a day sometime in the next month that hasn't been specified yet. Even if the test is an 11 pannel, will it show in say two weeks? I've read a lot of stuff on here that says it may dissolve into another detectable form, and the time periods are very confusing: some people say two days, others say two weeks or even a month. You seem as though you know what you're talking about and I could really use some piece of mind. By the way my probation is based off of a marijuana offence, any chance they wouldn't test for it? Or does it show on even a 5 pannel screen? Thank you so much free discount card

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