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How long does opiate stay in your system of your pregnant?

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Inactive 16 Jan 2012

paula6969, sorry no one had answered, including how long it took me to help answer your ?, first, how far along are you? from experience, i was in the hospital with the worse bladder/kidney infection with my youngest child in 96, i was given tylenol w/codein in very very small amounts, and following that about a week later i found myself in labor and giving birth about 4 weeks early, and being that one of the urine samples that was taken by the hospital contained opiates( mind you, legally prescribed by my obgyn), not only did they call cps(child protected services) they wouldnt let my see him how i wanted till all of this was cleared and when i asked if i could breast feed, they refused me saying that i am not allowed to because they are trying to figure out if the opiates in my system is from my prescription, or abuse. so all in all, if your taking it just because, you really shouldnt unless your up for this hardship with protective services. especially if you dont have the proper paperwork to back it up, for me, i was protected and not only did i get an apology from the hospital ceo, charge nurse and nurse who gave me a hard time, i filed a complaint, they are very lucky it wasnt a law suit. i think its a hit and miss, and truthfully, i worked at a rehab, and just for fun, we tested pain old water and it came out negative. as if it was urine. at times it showed positive and sent out to labs, and come to find out, the test was wrong. be very carefull though, and if its something you are addicted to be honest with your dr so you can clean out before you lose your baby, hope i was able to answer at least some ?s

Inactive 16 Jan 2012

I might add that your baby can be born addicted too if you are a chrontic user... Mary free discount card

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